Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby Photos

Dear Parents of Fifth Grade Students,

It is time to continue a fun tradition as the yearbook is being pulled together--the fifth grade baby pictures page!

To have your fifth grade student's baby picture included as part of this montage at the end of the yearbook, please email a photo that meets all the criteria listed below to Jessica Millen(ityearbook2015@gmail.comno later than March 3rd.  (This is purely optional but I hope to have as many of our fifth grade students represented as possible!)

The photo should be: 
  • a close-up of your child when he/she was two years old or younger
  • of good image quality (the computer program we are using to compile the yearbook won't accept the photo if it is too pixelated...)
  • an electronic .jpeg file (hard copies will NOT be accepted--if you only have a hard copy please scan it so the file can be emailed and uploaded to our site) with your child's first and last name as the file name
  • in color 
  • emailed to with your child's name as the subject no later than March 3rd.  
  • If you do not receive email confirmation from within 48 hours of sending your photo, please follow up.
If you are sending from an iPhone, please make sure the photo is sent "Actual Size" or "Large" to ensure the photo will not be too blurry. 

Thank you,
Jessica Millen
Yearbook Editor 2015-16

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